Comic 45 - Old Comic: Animal Eyes, Pt. 1

15th Dec 2010, 10:36 AM
Old Comic: Animal Eyes, Pt. 1
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Elissa 15th Dec 2010, 10:36 AM edit delete
ACRONYM BACKGROUND: "MST" stands for Math, Science, and Technology, which is a mandatory class at my school for all 7th-10th grade students. It is basically college prep. But in 9th and 10th grade, you have to do a year-end project, in which you study the math, science, or technology behind anything you want. Thusly, this was spawned.

This is old. It was... June of two years ago? I thought you guys might be interested in seeing it because this was the comic that made people say, "You should make a webcomic!" It was my first foray into the world of drawing comics digitally and because of that you should automatically think it's excellent.
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Guest 15th Dec 2010, 10:55 AM edit delete reply
I automatically think this is excellent.

You are so going to kill my comic now :P
Butt Hunter 15th Dec 2010, 1:14 PM edit delete reply
Butt Hunter
I also think this is excellent.

I do so automatically.
laughingwarlock 15th Dec 2010, 1:40 PM edit delete reply
Ha ha no you stupid cat.
Look on the bright side, now you'll be able to live that life as a pirate you were always hoping for.
Deb 16th Dec 2010, 4:00 AM edit delete reply
Aww! Good comic, but made me sad!
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