Taking the weekend off
by Elissa
I've already updated 6 times this week and I have a bunch of stuff to do. Maybe you will get a surprise comic on one of the days to make this week's updates an even 7. Only time will tell.

Don't forget to leave title suggestions on the Untitled comics!
Well ...
by Elissa
... in case you couldn't tell, the layout still isn't done. But I updated! Thrice!

I assume that I'll still be working on the layout, while updating, for the next week or so. But it may be done sooner! Who knows???????
Good news
by Elissa
This thing is actually looking like it has some semblance of a layout! It will be refined over the course of the week. Then, on Monday, you will spot a rare beast.

Good day
by Elissa

I am sorry. I had to apply to college.

Work begins on the new MAGULAFANTABULA today.