Well ...
by Elissa
... in case you couldn't tell, the layout still isn't done. But I updated! Thrice!

I assume that I'll still be working on the layout, while updating, for the next week or so. But it may be done sooner! Who knows???????
Good news
by Elissa
This thing is actually looking like it has some semblance of a layout! It will be refined over the course of the week. Then, on Monday, you will spot a rare beast.

Good day
by Elissa

I am sorry. I had to apply to college.

Work begins on the new MAGULAFANTABULA today.

A proposal
by Elissa

Folks, how would you feel if the current MAGULAFANTABULA ended in place of a new comic adventure? There would be autobiographical updates from time to time, but mostly it would just be stuff from my head. I have this vision of doing about 3 subcomics within MAGULAFANTABULA (if I can figure out a way to do so): one might be about me, one might be a sort of variety strip, and one might contain actual characters. I imagine the art styles in each of these would differ quite a bit. MAGULAFANTABULA would become a daily comic: I'd set aside 30 minutes each day for an update, and I would update each subcomic depending on what I felt like that day. This change would come with a new, more fanciful layout, because if it's no longer all about me then why have my face on it. MAGULAFANTABULA always struck me as a name for some sort of circus, and I feel like with some additions, it could really suit its name and take on a life of its own.

So, what do you say?*

*Since there is no comment system on the blogs, for some reason (I would like to attempt to fix that with this overhaul), I am not exactly sure how you should tell me what you say. Nevertheless, I hope that you, whoever you are, can somehow say it.