Good news
by Elissa
This thing is actually looking like it has some semblance of a layout! It will be refined over the course of the week. Then, on Monday, you will spot a rare beast.

Good day
by Elissa

I am sorry. I had to apply to college.

Work begins on the new MAGULAFANTABULA today.

A proposal
by Elissa

Folks, how would you feel if the current MAGULAFANTABULA ended in place of a new comic adventure? There would be autobiographical updates from time to time, but mostly it would just be stuff from my head. I have this vision of doing about 3 subcomics within MAGULAFANTABULA (if I can figure out a way to do so): one might be about me, one might be a sort of variety strip, and one might contain actual characters. I imagine the art styles in each of these would differ quite a bit. MAGULAFANTABULA would become a daily comic: I'd set aside 30 minutes each day for an update, and I would update each subcomic depending on what I felt like that day. This change would come with a new, more fanciful layout, because if it's no longer all about me then why have my face on it. MAGULAFANTABULA always struck me as a name for some sort of circus, and I feel like with some additions, it could really suit its name and take on a life of its own.

So, what do you say?*

*Since there is no comment system on the blogs, for some reason (I would like to attempt to fix that with this overhaul), I am not exactly sure how you should tell me what you say. Nevertheless, I hope that you, whoever you are, can somehow say it.

Selling out
by Elissa

My tablet notebook has always been my trusted partner in crime. I originally received it refurbished in 2008, and we became fast friends. For 3 years I have drawn on it, and in return, it has burned my lap. With love. But as its technology, cutting-edge in 2005, becomes outmoded, I feel as though we are growing ever-distant. It is with a heavy heart that I turn to you, the readers of this webcomic, to make me draw stuff so that I might be able to pay for a new companion. I have lusted after a brand-spankin'-new laptop for many moons. So if you could give me a buck or something that would be great.

You can contact me via PM or via email. The emails that I have created for this specific purpose include,, and (which all forward into the same inbox; I had great fun with this particular mail client's vast array of domains).  

The choice is yours