by Elissa

Okay so I just took the SAT and studying for/taking it took up quite a bit of my time. The end of the semester also contributed to my untimely demise. 

I think that now, with the new semester starting and with new classes and eventfulness, I will be able to live again. Or, at least, this comic will. 

by Elissa

There will soon be a MAGULAFANTABULA holiday special. It may not be up today, as I am rather busy, but there you have it.

well this throws a wrench into my plans
by Elissa

I have unexpectedly found myself in Long Island. Without a tablet.

Don't worry, you will get a comic. It will just have to be late tomorrow night when I get back.

hello again
by Elissa

I decided it was high time for another blah.

Sorry for the lack of updates, especially when I said that I would fer sure update on Wednesdays and Saturdays. As it turns out, I will be stuck at school until 4:30 most days because Mommy is working again and I'm in a carpool. A very late carpool. So I will bring my laptop on those days. And since it's unlikely I'll be able to connect to the internet, this means comics.

Lots and lots of comics.

I hope this fills your heart with glee.

I promise - PROMISE - that no matter how much it interferes with my schoolwork or life, I will update for a whole month on the days I said I would, plus one extra each week. Starting now. This means you guys will probably get some pretty shitty comics. But if I don't practice updating I don't see how I'll ever be able to do so consistently.

I love you all.