well hello guys
by Elissa

I know some of you may have some burning questions for me about the beginning of my school year. Actually, that's a complete lie. I know most of you have only one burning question for me, and that is "why haven't you updated in three weeks after declaring a permanent schedule." I cannot answer that question very well except with an "I had to ease very gradually into doing schoolwork and the comic at the same time."

Anyway, here is a brief synopsis of the first three weeks of school: Advanced Algebra would be enjoyable if it was not taught by such an inexplicably frightening man, Spanish is Spanish but sometimes hilarious despite that setback, Chemistry is hell, Printmaking is one of the most fun/stress-free parts of my day, World Religions is... interesting, and anything else I am doing is the absolute best. The end.

by Elissa

Okay, guys, I know I promised, but I was at my grandparents' for most of the day and then when I got back I accidentally had a surprise birthday party ;_;

my dependability = 0

by Elissa

The layout is done and how did it get to be 1 AM. If you love it, you should tell me, because otherwise it was a waste of several hours of my life.

Speaking of a waste of several hours of my life, I was sitting at the RMV today, getting my driver's permit. Not only can you expect humorous comics about my driving mishaps in the future, but you might also see a comic about this particular incident, as I even managed to screw that up.


by Elissa


I updated the comic.