by Elissa

Here is the 404 error page, which I have finally made.

It is pretty cool, I guess.

by Elissa

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Apparently when I update the comic late at night, my physical health declines.
by Elissa

Last time I updated in the middle of the night, I found the next day that I had a fever. After finally conquering that, I once again updated in the middle of the night and awoke with strep throat. I think that either staying up late is really bad for me, or it may be a curse placed upon this very webcomic by Previously Unknown Forces of Evil.

You must decide whether you prefer the comic or my personal health. Unfortunately, I think I know what the answer will be.

by Elissa

So now that the semester has pretty much ended, I am no longer bogged down by an inordinate amount of homework. This means MORE TIME TO WORK ON THIS HERE COMIC

I have started toting around a notebook with me everywhere I go in case I get an idea. It has been working pretty well so far.