by Elissa

my life + lots of work - interesting things = -comics

Sorry, y'all. I will try to get something up ASAP, but I cannot guarantee how interesting it will be. I did get a puppy, but she is pretty much a good dog who doesn't do anything funny, so I am not sure how good of a comic that would make.

However, after this weekend (sure to be a marvelous two days of wonderful exploits in learning, independence, and walking around the city looking for food), I may or may not have some material.


Some things
by Elissa

This comic may be getting a style overhaul, as in I might actually take more than twenty minutes to make each one. Right now they're all pretty much a bunch of scribbles, and I think I'm also going to have to focus on making people look more like their actual selves, and being able to consistently draw myself with the same hair color and style. (I have learned over the past two weeks that I have trouble with this.)

Also, I am thinking of actually implementing a schedule, but I don't know what days it should be. All I know is that you guys will definitely get at least one on the weekend.

I will figure this business out this week, probably. :D

by Elissa

False alarm. It's not swine flu. I'm all good. My fever is down and stuff.

New comic today, probably.


... Wow. Reading this over, I am amazed at how eloquent and varied my sentence structure is. I'm still recovering, okay? And yes, I will continue to milk that excuse for as long as I can.

Explaining the lack of updates
by Elissa

I have had a fever of 102.8 for the past two days. I think it might be swine flu.

In any case, I cannot draw a straight line, so the comic is suspended for about the next week. Sorry.